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Jeffrey is very discontented. Are you two musicians? Rajesh would never ever do something like that.

They're talking about you, Kemal. Few people take the trouble to read all the terms and conditions of a contract before signing it. From now on, you're one of us. Can I sit here? Spyros's hair is still damp.

I have every reason to believe that he is innocent of the crime. Mankind's journey into space began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite. Louis went skiing alone. He calculated that it would cost him 100 dollars. Why do I have to work with you?

The floor sagged under the heavy weight. Rainer wants to be famous. Where did you have the suit made? He hasn't changed his mind. We're going to keep smiling.

Don't count on it. Jeffrey asked me to wake him at six-thirty. Don't forget to kiss Herman goodbye. The hat stood out because of its strange shape. Idleness often accounts for poverty. What do you think the audience wants? I maintain that sports are a waste of time. He knows how to cut huge trees. It was a hot debate.

You want another one, don't you? You don't even know what I want to do. What should I be doing? "Do you still believe?" "In God? Of course!" That noise is almost driving me mad.

I've got to see Mickey.

She got married and had kids. I unintentionally took his umbrella. Please keep on working even when I'm not here. Toronto used to be called Fort York. In the summer, the temperature ranges from thirty to forty degrees Celsius. Have you told your mom?

We have a chemistry class together. Lindsay is powerless. Not knowing what to do is the biggest problem. Our car broke down on our way there. People all over the world are anxious for peace. I got a suntan. Sergeant is working with Noam.

She is not only beautiful but also amiable. Perry answered back. It must be her. I thought Klaudia would be pleased. When will the party take place? I know it was him. Raman asked me out this weekend. He was anxious for a bicycle. My father is a hard-working, straightforward, and modest person.

The student who is talking with John is from Canada. I have the shits. You all did well. I'd better warn him.

I feel like translating has become very unenjoyable. I'd like to give it a try. Sedovic has been way ahead of me the whole time. Lindsey doesn't eat anything except the vegetables that he grows himself.

The beautiful, black-haired girl was in the park. There is every promise of the boy's release. I always think about that. Round boxes? Are you nuts?

Bush is not a liar. What are they checking for? Why would you want Oprah when you can have Halle Berry? A bad tradesman blames his tools. They're at the bar drinking. Kamiya's limping.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Don't you lie to me. After the battle they delivered the town to the enemy. He made a crash test dummy of himself. I cannot mop this floor. It's too dirty. Among the three of them, Ken runs the fastest. This word doesn't translate very well. I have to pay her back. I've got homework to do.